In addition, our group works on the the following translational and clinical research projects through multiple collaborations both at UCSF and at other institutions.

Some of these projects include:

  • Pesticides, infectious diseases, placental toxicity, and pregnancy outcomes:  This collaboration with Dr. Josh Robinson (UCSF) aims to study the interaction between pesticides and response to infections in the placenta, and their relationship with pregnancy outcomes. 
  • Wildfire smoke and the placenta: This collaboration with Dr. Josh Robinson and Dr. Amy Padula aims to understand the impact of wildfire smoke on placental inflammation and pregnancy outcomes. 
  • Investigation of retinal and choroidal vascular changes in normal and complicated pregnancies through OCTA:  This collaboration with Dr. Irena Tsui (UCLA) aims to map changes in the retinal and choroidal vasculature during pregnancy, with the goal of identifying early biomarkers of pregnancy complications. 
  • Preeclampsia Risk Assessment: Evaluation of Cut-offs to Improve Stratification (PRAECIS) Trial: Dr. Gaw is the UCSF site-PI of a multi-site study (PIs: Dr. Ravi Thadani and Dr. Sarah Kilpatrick; Cedars Sinai Medical Center) that aims to identify and validate a cut-off of the serum sFlt-1/PlGF ratio for risk stratification of patients that may develop severe preeclampsia. 




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